With more than 100 years of diverse experience across several industries, we continue to hone our skills and add value. Here are a select few:

  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Startups

Innovation Services

For some of you it's the need to kick start your innovation engine by generating ideas, assessing and evaluating opportunities and executing projects to transform the culture of your organization. We offer a host of innovation programs to move your organization in that direction.

Innovation Strategy

An honest and accurate assessment of the creativity, agility and innovation capacity of your organization is vital. We assess what’s working well and what might be impeding innovation in the company, taking into account the hard and soft factors to determine how best we can leverage your limited resources - today, tomorrow and in the future? Additionally, we tap into your two most valued assets - your employees and your customers - to help you see things differently. We ask tons of questions and challenge the status quo to create new hypotheses grounded in this collective intelligence. Truth is, organizations today have to increasingly balance opportunities with risks, because growth depends on continuous innovation and agility.

Lean Innovation

Innovation requires the right mindset, culture and discipline. Your organization's ability to test ideas is critical for growth today and your ability to seize tomorrow's opportunities. Lean innovation, coupled with design thinking are two disciplines we employ to make the process of innovation more efficient, inclusive and measurable.

Innovation Mindset Development

A unique element of our methodology, focuses on mindset mastery as a core aspect of sustainable transformational change within team’s and organizations.

Idea Management

Ideas are the lifeline of any innovative company and many organizations squander those opportunities by simply not nurturing them. Tap into the wisdom of your workforce to collect, evaluate and implement ideas that drive results while fostering deeper employee engagement and loyalty. Does your organization have an idea management process or team? Are you nurturing your team’s ideas? It's okay, that's why we're here for you.

Our Approach

Stop over investing in "what is" and start future proofing by investing in "what could be".