With more than 100 years of diverse experience across several industries, we’ve determined where we add the most value. Here are a few key ones where we’ve honed our skills:

  • Telecommunications
  • Startups
  • Banking
  • Social development

Innovation Services

For some of you it's the need to develop their innovation engine by generating ideas, assessing and evaluating opportunities and executing projects to transform the culture of their organization. We offer a host of innovation programs to move your organization in that direction.

Innovation Audits

Getting clear on where you are starting from is essential and an honest and accurate assessment of the creativity, agility and innovation capacity of your organization is critical. We assess what’s working well and what might be impeding innovation in the company, taking into account the hard and soft factors.

Innovation Strategy

An effective innovation strategy should be inspiring and add something unique to the product or service being developed. We leverage our full toolbox to exceed your expectations and ours.

Innovation Mindset Development

A unique element of our methodology, focuses on mindset mastery as a core aspect of sustainable transformational change within team’s and organizations.

Idea Management

Tap into the wisdom of your workforce to collect, evaluate and implement ideas that drive results while fostering deeper employee engagement and loyalty..

Project Management Services

Perhaps you already have a list of strategic initiatives that you don’t have the time or internal resources to execute and we can certainly help you bring those projects to fruition.

Strategic Project Management

Projects matter because in today’s fast paced world there’s always something at stake. That something could be your organization’s very survival and needless to say execution of your strategy is critical.

We pride ourselves in this area because we’re fanatical about delivering on complex projects that require superior project management skills and capabilities.

We leverage proven methodologies to solve challenges and deliver the product/service. Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, Hybrid, Lean, 4DX, Integrated etc. the value is in the application of the tools and a team in sync with your organization.

Our Approach

Here's how we help our clients achieve their strategic objectives