In-house projects that began with… what if?

We stay true to our craft by staying curious and asking tons of questions that fuel our desire to solve problems through collaborative intelligence.

Here are a few of those in-house projects we incubated.

What if… Experiences are the new currency and there was an online marketplace where locals could discover unique experiences and fun things to do, share their talent by creating and staging unique experiences and make money doing what they love. Envisioned as the Airbnb of experiences the platform now helps employers improve employee engagement and performance by rewarding experiences as a form of recognition.

What if… A retail brand could inspire people to live its values – to be Uptothetime! (i.e. the best you can be) and fuel a social enterprise where a growing percentage of all sales are used to enrich the lives of children through education.

What if… You understood more, applied the knowledge gained better, recalled more and excelled at whatever you put your mind to easier? A marketplace where visual learners could download the best selling non-fiction books in the form of downloadable mini mind maps that make you smarter, aid retention, provide the ultimate reference material and transform potential knowledge into applied knowledge.

We can’t wait to hear your - what if!